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Michelle Rasmussen RMT

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Welcome to my online booking center

Please make sure you are in the correct year when choosing your appointment time

(double outermost arrows switch the year)

Please feel free to check my schedule if there is a time slot listed as OPEN you may click on it and input your information.  Follow prompts.

At that time a notification will be sent to myself (Michelle Rasmussen RMT) and I can make sure there are no existing conflicts.  I will then confirm your desired appointment time if it is available. A confirmation will  be sent to you via email.  A phone call can be made if you prefer; please add that in the comment/note box at the bottom the the form)

Please note that there is an automatic 15 minute buffer between appointment slots so that I can have a clean room and massage table ready for you when you arrive.

If you are a new client please allow time for an assessment/initial interview- This will help me tailor a treatment to you specific needs.  Preferred length is 15 minutes

If you need to cancel an appointment please call ; the on-line system does not allow you to cancel from your computer.  If you are unable to call an email can be sent. (want more information?   You can refer to the cancellations page)



*****Please remember to check to make sure that you do receive the on-line confirmation of your appointment through your email; if you haven't received it your appointment request may not have sent.********